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What Do You Need to Get Started?

All it really takes to get started is a set of lyrics, melody, and an emotional objective!

You don't even need to play an instrument.  To give you an example, check out the artist's demo below and compare it to the full production version.  

In this example, the artist only provided a cellphone recording of himself singing the song and the lyrics were not even solidified.  With just that demo, a full production sound recording of the song was created with the artist approving all the decisions made throughout the process.  This included: structure modifications, arrangement decisions, key changes, tempo changes, counterpoint  melodies, call-and-response riffs, mixing, mastering, etc.   

From start to finish, this song took about 3-4 weeks and included pre-production, vocal recordings of the artist, acoustic recordings from session players for the drums and bass, and program material.

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